More than 20 years ago, David Wellington, driven by his passion for gardening, laid the foundation of the company. As our journey progressed, we were fortunate to welcome Tom Wellington, his son, whose expertise in construction complemented our team perfectly. This merging of horticultural and construction skills has empowered us to form a dynamic team capable of delivering exceptional results to our valued clients.

Committed to delivering gardening services of the highest quality

With a strong presence in the Monmouthshire area, Wellingtons Garden Services stands as a comprehensive gardening company offering an array of services tailored to residential and commercial properties, schools, and estate agents. Specialising in mowing and landscape renovations, we take pride in our deep connection to the local community by actively employing individuals from the area.


  • We’re gardening professionals
  • We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Our staff is uniformed and knowledgable
  • We focus on providing industry competitive prices